It’s a Seller’s Market

Real estate sellers know that a seller's market means faster turnaround and higher prices for your home. A hot market is when there's a low inventory with lots of buyers looking for their ideal home. Consequently, prices get driven up, and sellers can pick and choose who and when they want to make deals. 

Stage Your Home

One of the benefits of a seller's market is the ability to sell your house as-is. Buyers would be more apt to overlook cosmetic imperfections and defects than if it was in a buyer's market. These include needing a new roof or leaky windows. Even so, if you stage your home and make it cosmetically pleasing, you will receive many more offers than if you didn't. Home staging is where you dress up your home and make it more presentable. According to the National Association of Realtors, 31% of buyers could sell their home for 1-5% more because their house was staged. 77% of buyers were more apt to move into a staged home, and a whopping 40% were more willing to go check out a staged home online. 

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Properties in a hot market will sell fast and also have more abbreviated contract deadlines. It's essential to have all the necessary documentation for potential buyers as soon as possible. You might want to think about getting an inspection done before listing your property so you can accurately tell the buyers what to expect. If you have all of the disclosure documents ready before the house goes on the market, the buyer will feel more confident making a quick-closing offer. With your agent's help, it's also a good idea to have a title company ready to go before putting the home on the market. Having a title company "on hold" for the buyer will help move the process toward closing more efficiently. 

Utilize the Professionals

In a hot seller's market, it's easy to think that your home will sell itself. It's tempting to use a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) strategy. Don't overlook the knowledge and skill that professionals offer. The idea is that in a seller's market, buyers are more apt to jump at the first home that comes up for sale, so it's not necessary to use any marketing tactics. So why pay a commission if the house will theoretically sell itself? There is indeed a plethora of buyers; sellers shouldn't do without the advice of a professional. 

Pick the Best

When buying or selling your home go with the best and pick Hero Homes Group for all of the best advice and experience East Tennessee offers. 


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